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Wednesday 21 February, 6:30 pm - 8:00 pm

Suitability: 18+


Hosted by local comedian Ruairi Woods.
Civil Engineers make modern life possible. A bold statement you may say, but after this 90-minute event, we think you’ll agree! Pitch200 is a quickfire event designed to transform your thinking in 200 seconds or less! Civil engineers will compete to give the best demonstration of what they do in just 200 seconds (or less), with talks ranging from transport systems, the creation of spaces for human habitation, energy, water supply and much more! Join in the fun, grab some free grub and learn how civil engineers build our quality of life.
Judging Panel Includes:
- Mark Simpson
Mark Simpson is an award-winning BBC TV reporter. After spending his early career in newspapers, at the Belfast Telegraph, he moved to the BBC in Belfast 20 years ago. 
As political correspondent, he covered the 1998 Good Friday Agreement and the start of power-sharing at Stormont. He was appointed BBC Ireland Correspondent for network news in 2002 and later became North of England Correspondent, based in Leeds.
He returned to Belfast in 2008, first as Ireland Correspondent and now as a TV reporter for the flagship evening news programme BBC Newsline.
He’s a social media addict, and recently went on a week-long digital detox. 
- Emer Murnaghan OBE
Emer is responsible for developing and implementing the Business Improvement Programme 'G-evolution' for Graham Construction.
Emer is a Chartered Civil Engineer, a Chartered Environmentalist and a Chartered Member of the Institute of Water. She has a long history of supporting and influencing industry through her previous role with ICE. She was Assistant Regional Director of ICE Northern Ireland 2008 - 2010 and currently sits as an elected trustee on ICE Council and Executive Board in London. 
In June 2015 she was awarded the OBE for services to civil engineering and further education in Northern Ireland.
- Fiona Bennington
Fiona is a Design Engineer particularly interested in the power of clever design to improve lives. 
She has experience in a range of different industries including developing solutions for; charities such as Oxfam and WaterAid in disaster relief, oil spill animal rescue, fun therapeutic products to help disabled children become more active in family life, and making life easier for new parents. She had been the recipient of a numerous awards, most recently for the engineering category of Invent 2017 for  her own product, Hug™ to help those who suffer from chronic back and abdominal pain.
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