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Ginger Genetics: A Celebration of Red Hair

Tuesday 20 February, 10:30 am - 12:00 pm

Suitability: A-Level Students

Booking through Arlene Todd at W5:

Around 10% of the Northern Irish population are redheads, but how much do we know about the science behind this wonderful fiery feature? In this illuminating seminar, scientist and proud redhead Dr Declan McKenna discusses the ‘ginger gene’, explaining how it affects hair colour and why it is so common in this part of the world. Along the way he will explore the cultural significance of red hair throughout human history, discuss ‘gingerism’ and explain why red hair is the new object of desire. This event will be run in conjunction with STEM HUB NI @ W5 and will cover topics on the current A-level Biology syllabus, so it will be useful for Biology teachers and students. Gingernuts and carrottops are especially welcome!


Ulster University
Cromore Rd
Coleraine BT52 1SA


Ulster UniversityW5 - Interactive Discovery Centre