Natural World

Lily’s Driftwood Bay

Saturday 24 February, 2.00pm & 3.45pm

Suitability: 2-8 Yrs, with Parents/Guardians.

Sessions 60 minutes each

£5 per child (Adults Free)

The Belfast-based studio Sixteen South is best known for Lily’s Driftwood Bay, a preschool mixed-media animated show about Lily, a 5 year old who lives in a beach hut on the shore with her Dad. Every day, the sea washes up a curious new treasure, which sparks Lily’s imagination about what might be happening across the way on Driftwood Bay.
As part of this bespoke event, children will have an opportunity to watch a double length episode, “Salty Chicken”, which features Dolly Parton. This will be followed by Lily’s Driftwood workshop where little ones will have the opportunity to make crafts from sea treasures and meet the wonderful people from Ulster Wildlife as they share some of their seashore, before a personal meet and greet with the Lily costume character.
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Strand Arts Centre
152-154 Holywood Road
County Antrim BT4 1NY


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