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Life of an Astronaut

Monday 19 - Friday 23 February, 10:00am

Suitability: Key Stage 1, 2 & 3

£5 per pupil. For bookings contact 028 3752 3689

Do you know what it takes to become an Astronaut? How has life changed from the early Apollo missions to the current missions aboard the International Space Station? How do you eat in space? Can you have a bath in space? What will happen to the future explorers? Will it be possible to actually live on Mars?
Fly through the Cosmos in the Digital Theatre, build and blast off a rocket, and get hands-on with some experiments to find out the answers to these burning questions at Armagh Planetarium’s very special, two hour sessions for students which explore the everyday life of an Astronaut!


Armagh Observatory and Planetarium
College Hill
Armagh BT61 9DB


Armagh Planetarium